2016 Brainhack Proceedings

The 2016 Brainhack Proceedings is published in the Research Ideas and Outcomes journal in collaboration with the GigaScience journal.

Submission is currently open and will end on March 31, 2017. Please see below for submission instructions:

  1. To start writing a manuscript, please register/login either on Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal's website (http://riojournal.com) or in the ARPHA Writing Tool (http://arpha.pensoft.net).
  2. Press on the "Start manuscript" button which is available on either if the two websites.
  3. You will be re-directed to the dashboard of journals and article templates, where you have to select Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO).
  4. Under "Early Research Outcomes" select the "project reports" template.
  5. Start writing and use consult the Tips and tricks concise guide if necessary, or contact the RIO editorial office via the Helpdesk button. Alternatively you might write the manuscript in google docs or other collaborative writing platform and copy the text into Arphasoft's online editor.
  6. Please note that you can invite not only your coauthor via the ARPHA interface but also external contributors (editors, reviewers, copyeditors, or just colleagues/friends) who would be willing to review/edit your manuscript DURING the authoring process!
  7. When the manuscript is approved for submission, you can submit it to RIO at the click of a button. During submission you have to select "Brainhack 2016 Project Reports" to ensure your article becomes a part of the collection.
  8. At the submission step when the Article Processing Charge has to be confirmed, please select "I use special condition by agreement" and then add a sentence that the manuscript is a part of "Brainhack 2016 Project Reports" collection.
  9. Reports will go through a technical review, which among other things will involve checking that they conform to the journal's formatting standards and are free from typos and grammatical errors. Authors will then be given the opportunity to revise their report to address reviews. Once this process is completed the paper will be published online.
  10. Reports will then undergo post-publication review by three members of the Brainhack community and authors will have an opportunity to revise their report to address reviewer concerns. Please note that all reviews will be openly published alongside the article and will bear reviewer's name, citation details and DOI.

Reports are listed here as they are published.